Words cannot describe.

Yuri Mironov

​​​A famous Russian artist, being acclaimed by critics and recognized as a master with a unique art manner and profound vision. In the time when almost every artist tries to find unusual materials, Mironov stays with traditional media – oil, canvas, however he has come to a very contemporary artistic manner where abstract forms are employed to express inner world and vision. The artist has been able to overcome the realistic appearance of the objects; he breaks the visible shape, but brings the essence, the deepest existence to the painting’s surface. Nobody could stay indifferent to Mironov’s art, people either fall under the magic of his works, or they can’t endure their individuality.


Interesting, that Mironov has moved toward to his artistic manner through essential perseption of classical traditional art; among his main teachers he names Turner, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Levitan, all the artist who paid great attention to the light expression in painting. No wonder, even the names of Mironov’s work often have a word “light” – Blue Light, Night Light, Autumn Light, etc.

 Since late 60th, the artist has actively participated in Moscow art life, thus Mironov’s paintings are in the Tretyakov Gallery, The Moscow Museum of Space, in the art galleries of Yaroslavl, Moscow, Chicago and in numerous private collections at home and abroad.