Katya Medvedeva
Born in 1937 in Golubino (a village in the Belgorod region of Russia) to a peasant family who died of starvation in 1947, Katya was brought up at the orphanage. She managed to graduate from a musical secondary school and the College of Culture, and after that she worked as a weaver, costume designer, waitress, postman, and tutor.

Her unforgettable style is reminiscent of Russian folk art, childrens’ drawings, and the works of Russian avant-garde artists of the early 20th century, e.g. Natalie Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov.

In 1976 Ekaterina Medvedeva painted her first still-life picture, while observing classes in an art studio, and this has become the beginning of her amazing artistic career. Katya Medevedeva works in different art media: watercolor, oil, tempera, pastel; she paints over whatever she has at the moment – regular canvas, fabrics like a bright brocade or an old dress or sack – everything can be turned into a gorgeous piece of art.

Since 1978, the year of Katya’s first exhibition in Moscow, her works has been widely acclaimed by audiences and artists. Her paintings and drawings are in many Russian museums, including the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The artist has had too many shows to count, but highlights include a 1982 exhibition in Nice, France; a 1993 personal show in Paris; and again in Nice in 1994, where Medevedeva’s paintings were exhibited alongside works by Chagall and Matisse. Mark Chagall said, Katya Medvedeva “is a purely Russian talent with her own distinctive style. She loves color as much as I do.”

Words cannot describe.