Words cannot describe.

Robert Manscour 
Was born in 1955 in Caribbean, lives and works in Paris.  He is one of few modern sculptors working with glass.

After his practical and theoretical studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, he developed a passion for art and decided to devote himself to sculpture specializing in glass. After a course at ADAC, he became the student of renowned glassworkers Jean-Claude and Patricia Yann. With them he learned the mastery of this very delicate material. His sculptures show a fascinating originality of conception through the mixed use of techniques like fusing, casting, heat-sealing, sanding and enameling.

By developing a very personal method, Manscour succeeded in creating a universe of whimsical glass folk, his figures maintain an astonishing presence, without aggressiveness, but with a strong controlled sensitivity. "My goal, he says, is to create monumental sculptures, to push working in glass up to excellence, to show its transparency, its colors, its aspects. I would like to reveal glass as alive, sensual and lavish".