Words cannot describe.

Yves Gosti 

A modern French sculptor, working in a unique technique that based on the assemblage of stone (granite or marbles of different colors) with steel or wood. Depending on a sculpture, he paints part of the stone in a certain color or covers a face with gold leaf.

Surrounded in his immense studio with piles of rough stone and pieces of rusted metal, Yves Gosti selects the raw materials for his next creation.  “Within each piece of marble or discarded steal is a figure waiting to come out.” Leading the solitary life of an artist, Gosti derives companionship from his creations in progress.  

Gosti's heroes are awkward, disproportional, with rough surfaces, but they always look at you with the gaze emerging from the very deep of the soul, the gaze, through which a wind of eternity fills our everyday life.

The appeal of Gosti’s sculpture is universal. We are drawn to them for both their playful and more serious sides.  “I hope that my sculpture is accessible to everyone because the primitive aspects of my work touch all of us at some base level.”