Reana Citrin

Was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved to Israel in 1975. She graduated from Tel Aviv University and moved to Chicago in 1986. While working as an art consultant for a local gallery, Reana also represented European artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg. After years of learning her craft, she opened the first Russian art gallery in Chicago's new art district. The gallery was a great success and elevated Reana’s reputation in Chicago and Midwest.

Ten years later the time was right to pursue a burning passion to open another art gallery, this time in the heart of downtown Chicago. After years of studying great artists and representing fabulous works of art from around the world, Reana’s career path lead in another direction, fulfilling a lifelong desire — to paint. The Ubu Fine Art gallery in Chicago became the focus for fine-tuning her artistic skills.

Presently Reana solely concentrates on creating her own artwork, which she describes as a religious experience and a way of sharing the abundance of the universe and the joy and beauty of existence.

Reana Citrin’s work is included in several collections around the world.

Words cannot describe.